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A Thrilling Adventure In The Valley Of Spiti

Published on: 08-Mar-2018

An escapade to the Valley of Spiti can be extremely action-packed and beguiling. Reaching the destination is definitely not easy and is full of adventure and rough tracks. However, the result of all the labor towards Spiti is extremely rewarding.

How about a valley that opens up to heaven? Yes, Spiti looks no less than a heaven with pristine valleys, lush alpine beauty, streams flowing throughout the valley, rivers and lakes cascading across the rough roads making a drive towards the valley exuberating and vociferously serene. 

Why go on Spiti expedition?

There is no reason to not to go on this heavenly trip. Is there? Situated at a massive altitude of 12,500 feet from the sea level, Spiti is a coldest snow desert with spellbinding landscapes and snow covered mountains that stands tall and echo tune of enlightenment. Apparently, a hub of cleanest air in the country, the air of the town is spiritually enlightening and welcoming.

With a cultural mix of Hinduism and Buddhism, Spiti valley is a place where two cultures can be experienced in abundance. An abode of god, Spiti is a home to numerous monasteries which were established thousands of years ago in this province. Also, Spiti Valley is known as the Little Tibet of India, due to its similar terrain and presence of Buddhism.

Did you find any reason not to witness this serene valley? Well, if not, then get to know about how to reach Lahaul and Spiti.

How to reach Spiti Valley?

Being a remote destination and being at a height of 12,500 feet, the valley remains covered with snow almost half of the year. Winters prolong from October to May in Spiti and summers are short beginning from June and ending in September.

Therefore, the valley remains inaccessible for most of the winter due to heavy snowfall. However, Spiti can be reached through Kinnaur in winters as well as it is accessible to reach Spiti Valley from this side of the as you don’t have to pass through many high mountain passes.

The common and known way to reach Spiti is Manala- leh Highway which remains closed for 6 to 7 months due to heavy snowfall. Due to no direct flights to Spiti Valley, the only way is to go by road from Manali. The very first mountain pass on the way is famous Rohtang pass which has an altitude of 3,978 meters from sea level and opens in the month of June or May.

The best way to reach Spiti is through Himachal Taxi Service or by self driven vehicle.

However, the valley can best be explored on a bike expedition. Many explorers who are in search of adventure and thrill take up a thrilling route to Kaza, Spiti on their bikes. If you have a heart to do so, Manali also has bike lending outlets that provide bikes on rent.

Nevertheless, going on a road trip in a car of your choice could be equally enthralling and adventurous.  Car rental services are also common around the area, from where you can hire a car and can take a trip to most exciting places of all.

Which time of the year is best to visit Spiti Valley?

Winters in Lahaul Spiti are more than 6 months long that lasts from October to May, so the best time to visit Spiti Valley is from June to September. The climate is better in these months of the year varying from 20 to 25 degrees during day time but quite chilly in the nights around 3 to 4 degrees.

So your summers this year could be quite thrilling by taking a trip to this scenic paradise with Himachal car rental services.

Thrill begins as soon as you enter this scenic valley so you don’t have to put in much effort to make this trip action-packed and riveting. As soon you begin your drive, thrill begins.

The very first thrilling experience is crossing snow packed Rohtang Pass which is an altitude of 3,978 meters. Driving through this snow covered mountain pass is difficult to cross easily during this time due to heavy influx of tourist vehicles at the point.

75 kms ahead to Rohtang pass is the Kunzum mountain pass situated at an elevation of 4,590 meters above sea level.  The pass is highest on the Spiti Valley road and the views are magical when peep in through your car windows.

Well, when you have had enough to road trip adventure and you reach your first location, your thrill will be ten folds and the journey will become unforgettable.

Stay in home like guest houses and hotels at Spiti and feel comfortable to indulge in all kinds of adventures in the Valley:

Trek to Dhankar Lake:

Trekking through lush green forests and widespread grasslands and narrow walk ways, a trek to Dhankar Lake is spectacularly mesmerizing. Not only it offers an adventurous trek but also a a peaceful destination. The lake is situated above the Dhankar Monastery at an altitude of 4,270 meters. The terrain of the trek is a bit tough but the destination is breathtakingly beautiful and serene. If you are not mesmerized with the view around the lake, you need to look again. All you can say once you reach there is all that effort was worth it. So, go for it, must include it in your itinerary now.

River Rafting:

It is to no surprise that you have enjoyed the goods and bads of rafting at Manali or Rishikesh for that matter but a taking up a rafting adventure at Spiti and Pin Rivers is once in a life time experience.  With snow cold waters of the Rivers and snowy mountains, the thrill of rafting becomes even more challenging and awe-inspiring. Add the sport in your ‘things to do’ list in Spiti and make your trip unforgettably adventurous.

Dmire the Flora & Fauna in the Pin Valley National Park:

Situated in the higher reaches of the Himalayas, this park is home to endangered flora and fauna such as snow leopards, Siberian ibex, Himalayan snowcocks, Tibetan gazelle, snow partridges, and more. From admiring the beauty of nature to wildlife spotting, there is so much to do there that you would completely lose track of time.

A Detour to Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary:

A mere thought of touring a wildlife sanctuary is so enthralling and intimidating. However, if you are seeking adventure in every bit of it, go for this challenge. Visit the famous kibber wildlife sanctuary and witness the endangered flora and fauna of this sanctuary. Snow leopards, Siberian ibex, snow cocks, snow partridges, Tibetan Gazelle and more could be witnessed in this dangerous Sanctuary.  The sanctuary was established in the year 1992 and makes up for some picturesque views and grasslands that takes to you to the Sanctuary from the Kibber Village.

So, if you do not get to encounter any wild animal, your trip won’t go wasted as the way through the Sanctuary is extremely alluring and mesmerizing.

Fossil Hunting:

While it’s not a popular thing to do, it definitely is a unique experience to have in Spiti. The villages of Langza and Hikkim are wrapped up with fossils so much that it’s impossible to look around and not find one out at all. And if you fail to find any, worry not. The local kids might just come around to sell them as souvenirs to you.

If you are not among those geeky scientists who are just interested in million years’ old fossils of this ancient place, then you won’t like doing it as much. However, if you in search of thrill and also want to gain some historical perspective to this significant valley, then go for it. It is definitely going to be a unique experience that you might not in life again. The famous villages of Langza and Hikkim are full of years old fossils so you cannot ignore but find one out. And if you fail to find any, worry not. The local kids might just come around to sell them as souvenirs to you.

Exciting? Isn’t it?

Camp for a night at Chandrataal Lake:

Camping is yet another thing to add to your list of adventures. But, if you are wondering what adventure does camping has, as you have already done it before, think twice.

Camping alongside a crescent shaped lake at an altitude of 4,300 meters in the lap of Himalayas is something you might have not done before. Since, the lake is one with amazing views and crystal clear water and clear open sky, camping here is worth your effort.  You would wake to just another world once you have stayed there.

If in Spiti, Yak ride is must:

Yak is used as way of transporting things to remote villages of Spiti but don’t feel disheartened as locals will allow you take a yak safari and feel like a local. The yaks in the region are quite healthy and high breed unlike the ones we find at lower altitude regions. The yaks help locals to move around easily without indulging in a lot of trekking for work or other day to day activities.

How about paying a visit to world’s highest PO:

PO means Post office if you didn’t get the abbreviation in the sub heading. Amongst many other ‘world’s highest’ things here at Spiti, Post Office tops the list. Situated at an altitude of 4,389 meters between Komik and Langza villages, the world’s highest Post Office is in village Hikkim. The place is worth to pay a visit to go back flaunt about it.

Suraj Taal Lake Trek:

After you have camped in Chandra taal lake, it’s time to enjoy a trek to famous Suraj Taal lake. The lake is close to Baralacha Pass situated at a massive altitude of 4,883 meters. The lake is popular amongst nature lovers, photographers and trekkers. The lake has gotten its name from sun, for its clear reflections.

Add it to you adventure list now and admire what it has to offer to.

Baralacha Pass Drive:

One of the most hard and tough passes in the world; Baralacha Pass is situated on the Manali-Leh highway in Zanskar. At an altitude of 4,890 meters, the Pass is covered under the snow all around the year and is extremely dangerous mountain pass. Alongside the Pass, the Rivers Bhaga and Yunam pass flows creating a magical sight for those who visit there. From here you can also witness the junction of Pir Panjals, The Greater Himalayan and the Zanskar ranges.It’s ideal for mountain biking, camping and trekking through the scenic vistas.

Try this one if you have a big heart and strong determination.

Visit These Monasteries:

Kye Monastery: Of all enticing places, kye Gompa or Kye monastery is the number one to visit in Spiti Valley. Its hilltop positioned structure points to the architecture in the post thirteenth centuries. The monastery is built at an altitude of 4112 meters; the place is spiritually exhilarating and enlightening. You cannot miss on this at any cost.

Tabo Monastery: People of the Valley consider it to be the holiest of all places and pray here without fail. The monastery is famous for majestic painting and housing 9 temples of Buddha Maitreya and Tara along with multiple Stupas. While photography isn’t allowed inside, you’ll be amazed to capture the memory shots of the various stucco sculptures of Bhodhisattavas, works of Buddha and marvelous wall paintings.

Sakya Tangyud Monastery: At a massive elevation of 4587 meters, the monastery is beautifully serene with slanted mud walls. It appears like a fortified castle and is open for learning Buddhism for all.

Well, get all geared up with your essentials and take a trip to this enticing Valley without any delay. Book your car from Himachal car rental services now and get going.

Follow this list and make trip unforgettable and extreme. But, we advise you to be safe and healthy whilst on the go